Kinsey's Photography

Welcome to the website of Kinsey’s Photography. Thank you for your interest in

our work. Kinsey’s Photography is located in downtown Andalusia in the heart

of south-central Alabama where we have served our clients for over 20 years.

With a staff of 3 award winning photographers we are able to serve the needs

of a diverse clientele.  Henry Kinsey, John Ward and Kent Smith combine their

talents to produce some of the most stunning images imaginable.  Please browse

some of the portraiture created by our staff of talented photographers.





Our Photographers have over one thousand wedding ceremonies of experience to offer

our clients. Our styles include Journalistic, Traditional and Elite fashion formats.

In addition all of our images are produce simultaneously in black and white and color.

Our goal is to help make your wedding a memorable experience by being as unobtrusive

as possible on this special occasion. This is your "special" day and we are here to serve you.

You can feel confidant that we will capture your wedding memories in a manner that you will

treasure. Our photographers have won numerous awards in wedding and bridal photography.





Children are a "Breath of fresh air" And one of our most enjoyable sessions. From traditional formals 

and classics to today's casuals we strive to produce works that are timeless. Children's Photography

 is another area where our talented staff have captured top honors.




                                                 Simply put, "Seniors R Us" 

We have captured Top honors in Senior Photography

5 of the past 6 years in the Alabama-Mississippi Photography Association. Our

studio has 15 camera bays, unlimited backgrounds, indoor and outdoor photography,

cap and gown photography, Tuxes, drapes and special on-site locations





Our many awards in this category were achieved by offering a variety of sets and locations as well as

lighting that is often dramatic in nature. Creativity and impact are the hallmarks of this style. Many

of our works in this category are for self expression. One of the works of which we are particularly 

proud is our "Cost of Freedom" depicting the Medal of Honor with a simple background that tells the

story of one family's sacrifice for all of the freedoms we take for granted. Illustrative and commercial 

works have also contributed to our awards.




Portraiture that doesn't fall readily into any of the other classifications we refer to as

"General Portraiture". This will generally cover portraits of men, ladies and groups.

We try to emphasize the personality of our clients in this style of Portraiture and

to that end we invite our subjects to bring clothing and personal items that portray

their uniqueness. We excel in this category and have numerous awards in men's

photography, ladies photography, group photography and character studies




                                                Kinsey's Photography

                                                 209 S. 3 Notch St.
                                               Andalusia, AL 36420
                                                  (334) 222-2195